Thursday, February 28, 2013

Waves of Lace Shawl, Afternoon Shawl, and Country Day Shawl - Pattern Previews

Today's pattern previews are of three lovely triangle shawls. The first is called "Waves of Lace". There are two separate patterns for this shawl in Loom Knit Shawls Vol. II. The first includes wide bands of lace work, contrasted with a simple bands of lacy garter stitch, and framed with a short ruffle. The second version omits the lace work, but keeps the basic framework of the shawl, so those not wanting the challenge of lace may still enjoy looming this shawl. The contrast of a lace mohair yarn with a fingering weight wool make this shawl very interesting to look at, and a light but warm piece to wear. Despite the size, Waves of Lace is made on only 60 pegs, in one single piece. The sample shown was made on a 1/2 inch gauge loom, but other gauges may also be used.
The second shawl is the Country Day Shawl. It is a medium sized triangle shawl, made in a worsted weight wool. This shawl is all about texture. Three contrasting stitch patterns, as well as bobbles, work to create a striking design reminiscent of a Fisherman's Sweater.
Country Day Shawl is made all in one piece on a 58 peg loom, either 1/2 inch or 3/4 inch gauge. There is also an option for a 68 peg version. 
 The last shawl is the Afternoon Shawl. It is the shawl you will want to wrap up in late in the day, not too heavy, but still warm in fingering weight wool. This shawl may be easily adjusted to make a small shawl or shawlette, or a very large shawl.
Afternoon Shawl may be made in either 1/2 inch gauge or 3/8 inch gauge. (And 3/4 will work, too.) The edge of the shawl has a very subtle deep ruffle that may also be blocked into scallops. The shawl as shown was made on 72 pegs in 3/8 inch gauge loom (the blue version,) and 59 pegs on a 1/2 inch gauge loom (the pink version.)
 A little more about the e-book itself. It will have 90 pages of large print text, 36 pages of paper-saver text, 6 pages of photos, 2 pages of diagrams and a cover. All will be in downloadable pdf files. Please come back tomorrow for a little celebration of Loom Knit Shawls Vol. II: Colorwork, Shapes and Lace.
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Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Soft Shadows Wrap - Pattern Preview

 Today's preview is of the "Soft Shadows Wrap". This wrap takes on a striking appearance from the contrasting  color and texture of the yarns, as well as its rather unusual shape.
 Wide bands of fluffy yarn are alternated with a long color stripe yarn. Shaping is all done by increasing and decreasing. The yarns are carried along the edges, so there are not a lot of ends to weave in.
At about 100 inches long, the wrap can be worn many different ways, and is quite fun to play with. 
 Best of all, any gauge loom and yarn weight may be used. The pattern has variations for 3/4, 1/2, and 3/8 inch gauge looms. The sample shown is made with fingering weight yarn on a 1/2 inch gauge loom.
Loom Knit Shawls Vol. II is almost ready - just a few more days. In the mean time, I hope you are enjoying the previews, and please come back tomorrow for the next pattern.
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Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Pattern Preview - Gemstones Wrap

 Today's preview is of the "Gemstones Wrap". This fun wrap, scarf or shawlette is a great way to try out your inner artist. The little gemstones can be as colorful or simple as you like. Try a two color version, or use a textured yarn with a smooth yarn. 

 The version shown here is made from Knit Pick's City Tweed DK yarn, on a 1/2 inch gauge loom using only 54 pegs. I used a sampler of the yarn for the contrast colors, and a nice sage for the main colors.
The wrap is fully adjustable in size, gauge, and yarn weight, so you may use your favorite loom and yarns for this fun pattern.
The Loom Knit Shawls Vol. II e-book will include both a large print (24 point font) version and a paper-saver (12 point font) version, as well as a full photo gallery, schematic diagrams of each shawl, and a cover. The .pdf files are e-reader friendly, and in plain text for screen reader compatibility.
Please come back tomorrow for the next preview.
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Monday, February 25, 2013

Fascination Cape - Pattern Preview

 Today is the first of seven pattern previews from Loom Knit Shawls II: Colorwork, Shapes and Lace. The pattern is for a lovely colorwork cape with an art deco influence, called the "Fascination Cape". 

The Fascination Cape is worked entirely in garter stitch, using a faroese shawl shape. This shape creates a lovely drape in the front of the cape, but keeps the back of the shawl even, without a center point. The pattern is written row by row, to make it less overwhelming. 

The cape is worked on a 1/2 inch gauge hat loom in one piece- no seaming at all. In fact, there are only 3 balls of yarn used throughout the pattern, so there are not a lot of ends to weave in. Color changes are marked with peg markers, to make it clear where they occur. Worsted weight yarn makes this a cozy, but not overly heavy cape.

An optional single button is used at the neck in the front of the cape, but a shawl pin or brooch will work as well to keep the cape in place. Come back tomorrow for more pattern previews.
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Sunday, February 24, 2013

Loom Knit Shawls II - Almost

Loom Knit Shawls II: Colorwork, Shapes and Lace is almost ready for publication. I am very excited about this pattern collection, and hope you will like it as well. I will be previewing the patterns during the coming week, but here is a  peek at them today. 
Gemstones Wrap
Waves of Lace Shawl

Afternoon Shawl

Afternoon Shawl

Soft Shadows Wrap

Fascination Cape
Country Day Shawl

I will preview each of the patterns over the next week, and tell you all about the techniques, gauges, looms and yarn variations. The ebook will be available about March 1st.
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