Monday, February 25, 2013

Fascination Cape - Pattern Preview

 Today is the first of seven pattern previews from Loom Knit Shawls II: Colorwork, Shapes and Lace. The pattern is for a lovely colorwork cape with an art deco influence, called the "Fascination Cape". 

The Fascination Cape is worked entirely in garter stitch, using a faroese shawl shape. This shape creates a lovely drape in the front of the cape, but keeps the back of the shawl even, without a center point. The pattern is written row by row, to make it less overwhelming. 

The cape is worked on a 1/2 inch gauge hat loom in one piece- no seaming at all. In fact, there are only 3 balls of yarn used throughout the pattern, so there are not a lot of ends to weave in. Color changes are marked with peg markers, to make it clear where they occur. Worsted weight yarn makes this a cozy, but not overly heavy cape.

An optional single button is used at the neck in the front of the cape, but a shawl pin or brooch will work as well to keep the cape in place. Come back tomorrow for more pattern previews.
Copyright 2013 by Renee Van Hoy, Invisible Loom. All rights reserved.

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