Wednesday, August 22, 2018

Dragon Oolong Loom-a-long

"Dragon Oolong" is the September - October Loom-a-long project for the Ravelry Loom-a-long group.  This is one of the patterns from my Small Shawls & Tea Parties e-book.

Scarf or wrap, you will enjoy
the free form nature of Dragon
Oolong. You may choose a solid 
color yarn or a patterned yarn, 
and knit until your yarn, or pegs, 
run out. This is a great “one skein” 
project to use up that very colorful 
skein of yarn that never seems to 
be right for anything else - the 
Dragon will tame those colors. 
There are a few guidelines for 
making the Dragon, but it really
 is a simple and fun knit that 
uses e-wrap knit and purl stitches.
Loom Options
3/4 inch - about 42 pegs 
5/8 inch - about 64 pegs 
1/2 inch - about 72 pegs 
3/8 inch small - about 90 pegs 
3/8 inch fine - about 100 pegs
Dragon Oolong is from 
the e-book “Small Shawls
 and Tea Parties: Seven 
shawls to make small, or
 large, and the recipes they inspired”.  $14.00 US
The e-book comes with two 
files, a large print 24 point 
font plain text version with 
100 pages, and a 12 point 
font paper-saver version 
with 45 pages. A photo gallery,
schematics, and recipes for a 
tea party are included. Files 
are tablet and e-reader friendly.

Copyright 2018 by Renee 

Van Hoy, all rights reserved.