Saturday, June 2, 2012

June Looming Around The Net

Lots of summer fun for loom knitters!  Tanya at Made by Telaine has shared three adorable baby hat patterns, including a pink "skull" hat. The yahoogroups Loom Class will be working on Kelly Knit's wonderful Spring Beach Market Bag, with Kelly Jones as the teacher. And the Ravelry Loom Knitters Group has started a Ravelympics Team
"Team Loominescent."  Ravelympics is a fun self-challenge that starts with a cast-on during Summer Olympic opening ceremonies, with the goal of casting-off during closing ceremonies. There are lots of "events," such as the hat dash, lace long jump, single skein sprint, baby dressage, and shawl sailing. Join the team, and celebrate the Summer Olympics 2012 with loom knitting!

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