Saturday, March 29, 2014

Wingspan for Loom Knitters Loom-a-long

 The Ravelry Loom-a-long group will be working on Wingspan for Loom Knitters during April and May. Please come and join us.
We will be making both the original Wingspan for Loom Knitters, shown in the second photo, as well as Wingspan In Lace, shown in the third photo. 
The patterns are both in the Wingspan for Loom Knitters e-book, which also has information on how to size your Wingspan from a scarf to a large shawl, and for using looms in 3/8, 1/2 and 3/4 inch gauges. 
I hope you will come join us for this fun project.
Kitten's Lost Mittens e-book: A collection of mitts and mitten patterns for loom knitters
$8.00 US  

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Friday, March 14, 2014

A pattern collection of loom knit mitts and mittens

I am very happy to tell you about my new pattern collection, "Kitten's Lost Mittens". This e-book has three patterns, two for fingerless mitts, and one for a full mitten.  The ideas for these mittens came from a long standing "quest" in the Ravelry Loom Knitters group, to find a better thumb for our fingerless gloves. The usual "add on " thumbs had an uncomfortable seam at the base, and stuck out in an unnatural angle. The "flap" style thumb was not open for a true fingerless mitt, and had a funny square shape. Other thumbs lacked a gusset at the base to allow for the natural shape of the hand. Hopefully these patterns have solved many of these issues.
The first pattern, seen in the two photos above, is "Little Kitten Mitts". This is a basic fingerless mitt with a low thumb gusset. This makes the mitts fit comfortably on a variety of hand sizes.  The mitts are made entirely in one piece, on any basic 3/8 inch gauge loom. They adjust in size for adult hands small/medium/large, and may be customized to change the length of the mitt to your preference. Little Kitten Mitts knit up quickly, and make a perfect gift.

The second pattern, seen in the photos above, is "Big Kitty Mitts". These fingerless mitts feature an extended thumb, with an open top. They have the same adjustabilty and other comfort features as Little Kitten Mitts, as well as a one piece construction on any 3/8 inch gauge loom.

The third pattern is "Mittens for Kittens", seen in the photos above. This is a classic style mitten, with a softly rounded top and full thumb. The same gusset is featured, giving the mittens a very comfortable thumb. These mittens are sized for a small/medium/large hand, and the size may be customized to your liking. Any 3/8 inch gauge loom will work with this pattern. 
As with all Invisible Loom e-books, there are two pdf file versions included; a large print 24 point font plain text version, and a paper saver 12 point font plain text version. In addition, the e-book contains a cover, two pages of figures for customizing size and embellishing your mittens, and three pages of photographs. The files are tablet  and e-reader friendly. Print or read your patterns just the way you like.
I hope that you and your kittens enjoy these new patterns! 
Kitten's Lost Mittens: A collection of three patterns from Invisible Loom  
e-book  $8.00 US 

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Thursday, February 27, 2014

So Much to Loom Over

February has been an incredibly busy month, as you can tell from my absence here. The Ravellenic Games were a huge success, and Team Loominescent completed 77 projects in two weeks, for 30 competitors. To say we had a wonderful time is a huge understatement. The star shaped throw in the first photo is my large project for the games, and the fingerless mitts in the second photo were a few of my smaller projects. The mitts are part of a set of mitt patterns I am working on at the moment. They have a very nice thumb gusset, and I have enjoyed making them. The embellishments are just a few large beads threaded on some crinkled seam binding ribbon. I like the contrast of the thin ribbons with the wool yarn. 
Coming up this next month of March, the Ravelry loom-a-long group will continue working on the Wonderland Tam pattern from Once Upon A Loom. This is such a pretty lace tam, and the proceeds from the (very reasonable price) will be donated to charity. The second project will be a beautiful felted tote pattern, called the Soho Bag. The Leafy Sea Dragon Scarf, Artist's Palette Shawl, and Dragon Tail Scarf also have on-going, join as you like loom-a-longs. I hope you will come and visit one of the loom-a-longs at Ravelry.

 Loom Knit Shawls: From Simple to Sublime  ebook  $10.00 US  
Blooming Loom: Colorful Patterns for Loom Knitters ebook $10.00 US  

The Shapely Loom: Innovations for Loom Knitting ebook $12.00 US  

Loom Knit Shawls Vol. II: Colorwork, Shapes and Lace ebook $12.00 US  

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Monday, January 13, 2014

January and a New Year of Looming

2014 is off to a wonderful loomy beginning with the formation of Team Loominescent and the Loominescent Games. The Loom Knitters Group on Ravelry is hosting Team Loominescent, and we already have a full roster of members. Please bring your looms and a sense of adventure as we make our way to Sochi for the loom competitions. Cast-on will be February 7th, but for now we are planning our projects and having a lot of fun on the party bus. 

The January loom-a-longs in the Loom-a-long Group are also fabulous. The two month loom-a-long is a stunning Aran Baby Blanket with beautiful cables designed by Faith Schmidt. If you've always wanted to learn cables on a double rake, this is the perfect time to try. The one month loom-a-long is the adorable Crazy Caterpillar from Bethany Daily's lovely book "Loom Knitting for Little People". You will be enchanted by this sweet caterpillar, and it is a great way to learn new stitch patterns. The Leafy Sea Dragon Scarf on-going loom-a-long also continues.

On a less happy note, some of you may have noticed that I've had to remove my free patterns. This was a very hard decision to make, but the theft of my patterns, as well as that of other loom knit designers, had become overwhelming. I hope to find a better way to offer the patterns in the near future, and I will let you know as this happens. 

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Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Starburst Washcloth Pattern

A classic washcloth or dishcloth shape, this pattern is fast and fun to make. Eyelets accent the star shape, while short rows create the pretty round cloth. Either a 1/2 inch or 3/8 inch gauge loom with at least 21 pegs may be used. I hope you enjoy this pattern from Invisible Loom. Starburst Washcloth $2.49 US

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Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Big Pattern Sale!

This Friday, November 29th, 2013 through Monday, December 2nd, all Invisible Loom patterns and e-books are on sale. Enter the code LOOMLOVE at the checkout and receive 20 percent off of all patterns. The sale will begin at 12 midnight Eastern Standard Time. 

For more Black Friday - Cyber Monday knitting related sales, check out Marlybird's List. Have fun!

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Monday, November 11, 2013

November Looming

This month the Ravelry loom-a-long group is having an open house. For the first time, needle knitters have been invited to join the loom-a-long for the Dragon Tail Scarf. It has been a lot of fun, and there is already a loom-to-needle translation of the pattern. I think that the most interesting part is seeing the scarf on needles instead of on the loom. We even have dragon name generators to help name your project. The loom-a-long runs all through November, so please drop by the open house and say hello.
Also continuing is the Diamond Lace Shawl loom-a-long, a pattern by Anne Bipes. This has been a very popular pattern, and everyone has enjoyed making it very much. As always, the Leafy Sea Dragon and Artist's Palette Shawl have their "on-going" loom-a-longs, so if you are working on those patterns, this is the place for you to share your projects, ask questions, and visit with the nice people on Ravelry.

Just off my looms is the shawl in the photo. It is a crescent shaped shawl made on the 120 peg round afghan loom in 1/2 inch gauge. The yarn is a "graduate" dyed fingering weight yarn that starts with a tweedy brown, and gradually changes into the autumn shades. I keyed the changes in the lace pattern to the changes in the yarn color. What's on your loom?

The Artist's Palette Shawl e-book  $8.00 US

Wingspan for Loom Knitters e-book $6.00 US

Loom Knit Shawls Vol. II e-book $12.00 US  

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