Tuesday, March 31, 2015

April Looming

The April & May 2015 loom-a-long will be all of the patterns from "Little Scarves". Please come and join the fun, and make a little scarf or two, or three. You'll find us all here

The Great Loom Knitting Afghan Project is starting the fourth square this month, Kathy Norris' "Three Wishes". There is still lots of time to join this year long loom-a-long, and help support our fundraiser for Doctor's Without Borders. 

On and off my loom, lots of shawls. I'm working on the patterns for "Loom Knit Shawls III". It is such fun to be back to shawls after a year without them. While I've enjoyed the other projects very much, I have missed my shawls. 

What's on your pegs? 

 The Loom Knitter's Stitch Dictionary and The     Stitch Sampler Pattern Collection  e-book $24.00 US  

The Cozy Cable Collection e-book  $12.00 US   
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Sunday, March 1, 2015

Winter to Spring Pattern Sale

Today through March 21, 2015 I have a little promotion to help us finish Winter and welcome Spring. Purchase $24.00 in patterns or ebooks, and receive one of three pattern collections free: 
Cheetahs for the Loom
Artists Palette Shawl
Wingspan e-book for Loom Knitters
Prior sales do not apply.

Just add $24.00 in patterns to your cart, and add the free pattern. The free pattern will automatically be credited. To use the shopping cart, go to my Ravelry Shop or any of the pattern links above. Enjoy!

Wednesday, February 11, 2015

The Cozy Cable Pattern Collection

A new e-book, six new patterns, The Cozy Cable Collection for Loom Knitters. $12.00 US  

Cables that are easy on your hands, 
easy on your looms.
 The Cozy Cable Collection, an e-book containing six coordinating patterns. The e-book contains both a large print (24 point font) and paper-saver (12 point font) file, as well as a full photo gallery and a section on variations for your patterns. The patterns are tablet and screen reader friendly. 
$12.00 US  

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Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Cheetahs! New patterns

I'm so happy to tell you about my newest pattern collection, Cheetahs.  $6.50 US
Fast, fun and fabulous. 

A collection of eight patterns that let you make your Cheetahs just the way you want them to look.

Choose from 5/8, 1/2 or 3/8 inch gauge looms.
Use bulky, aran, worsted or dk weight yarn.
Select a wide lace up or a narrow lace up.
Choose a short, standard, or long length.
Not enough options? See the variations for more ways to customize you Cheetahs. They are so fun, fast, and fabulous, you’ll want to keep making them over and over.
The pattern collection has a section planning your Cheetahs using all of the options. There are eight separate patterns, each with 3 length options. A photo tutorial is provided to show you how to lace up your Cheetahs, and a full photo gallery shows you the way the different options will look.
The 36 page pdf file is in large print (24 point) font, tablet friendly, and complete with bookmarks for easy navigation.
The original Cheetahs were designed by the talented needle knit designer Maylin Tan. As she has generously done before with her pattern for Wingspan, Maylin told me to take her design and develop it for loom knitters. “Go and promote loom knitting” she said, and thus we have these fast, fun and fabulous patterns. Thank you Maylin!
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Thursday, December 11, 2014

Afghan Book Pre-view

The Great Loom Knitting Afghan Project is now available for pre-orders. With your pre-order, you will be entered in the fabulous prize drawing and receive your coupon for a 10 percent discount off of your next CinDwood Crafts Looms order. You will automatically be sent the book when it is published on January 1, 2015. 

  $20.00 US  all profits donated to Doctors without Borders

8 Designers
13+ Patterns
A Year of Loom-a-longs
Fabulous prize drawing 2/1/15
Discount from CinDwood Crafts 
Benefits Doctors without Borders

Just click on the pattern photos to see the details for each pattern. Click on the photos to see larger images. Want to plan you afghan project? Come visit the Ravelry loom-a-long group. We are having a great time getting ready for our year of the afghan!

-A Cindwood 15 inch universal loom, 1/2 inch gauge
-5 copies of Kathy Norris's new book "Loom Knit Dishcloths
-A Kiss loom perfect for making your squares
-$25.00 gift certificate to Prancing Pony Pottery
- YARN!!!! 
The drawing will be held February 1, 2015. All purchase prior to that date will be automatically entered in the drawing.

Brenda Myers
Renee Van Hoy
Kelly Jones
Samantha Pestana
Kathy Norris
Carina Barron
Louise Sarrazin
Anna Marie Wright

The designs are amazing, by the way. You will be making things of beauty and learning so many new techniques and stitches with this book. And you won't be limited to afghans. You can design anything you would like with these patterns. 

Technical stuff: The squares are 10 inches in size and use 1/2 inch gauge looms, worsted weight yarn. The peg count is between 30 and 43 pegs, but if you only have 40 pegs, that is fine, too.

If you would like to link to the book from your site, please leave me a comment with your information (it won't be published) and I'll send you the links. Thank you!

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Monday, November 24, 2014

So Much Looming News

I have a bunch of very exciting loom knitting news to share with you. The first is "The Great Loom Knitting Afghan Project". This is a wonderful collaboration of 8 designers for the benefit of Doctors without Borders. We are all contributing afghan square designs to an e-book. The e-book will be available for pre-orders in a few weeks, and published January, 2015. All proceeds will be donated to Doctors without Borders. Books that are pre-ordered and purchased in January will be entered in a prize drawing for a loom and loom pattern books, and some other surprises. The book will only be available during 2015. Every month of 2015, the Loom-a-long group in Ravelry will have a loom-a-long for one square. I'm the lucky editor of the book, and I must say that the patterns are AMAZING. Watch for more announcements as we get closer to publication.

The Ravelry Loom-a-long group has been working on making mitts and mittens from my Kitten's Lost Mittens e-book. The loom-a-long ends in November, but December is our "unfinished objects" loom-a-long, so please bring anything you are working on and visit with the group. 

We've started a group for loom knitting pattern designers over on Ravelry.  If you are designing and entering your patterns in the Ravelry pattern database, we would love to have you join our conversations. 
Starting this Friday, November 28, 2014 through Monday, December 1, 2014, I have a 20 percent off sale for all of my patterns and books. Enter the code LOOMLOVE at check out for the discount.

 Marly Bird will also have a huge listing of yarny specials over the holiday week and weekend for you to check out. 
This little page of gift tags might be fun for your holiday gifts. Please feel free to print it out and enjoy the tags. 
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Friday, October 3, 2014

Perfect Pegs, Perfect Gauge, Perfect Loom

It’s no secret, I adore CinDwood looms. I’ve been designing patterns using Cindy’s ½ inch gauge looms for five years, and they are my favorites. But, before I fell in love with the ½ inch CinDwood, I designed on the Purple Knifty Knitter Hat loom. Why? It wasn’t the usual ¾ inch gauge loom. It was a 5/8 inch, and that small change in gauge made all the difference. When Provo discontinued the loom, I, along with many other loom knitters, were very sad.
     When CinDwood began making their hat looms in 5/8 inch gauge by special order, I ordered a set immediately. The wonderful design and pegs of a CinDwood loom and my beloved 5/8 inch gauge. What more could a loom knitter want?
     Well, I can answer that question. The perfect loom. A CinDwood 48 inch Universal S Loom – in a 5/8 inch gauge. Loom knitter heaven.
     Why? Well, let me count the ways.
1. Pegs. 254 of them if you are working on a single rake (single sided) project, and 82 pairs for a double rake (double sided) project.
2. Adjustability. The “slider peg” lets you adjust the size of the loom to any size you would like, so you have every size loom possible. You may even work on several projects at the same time on one loom.
3. Color. This amazing loom comes with the pegs in two colors, marking which pegs pairs are used when loom knitting a double rake item. Easy and clever!
4. Gauge. I adore the 5/8 inch gauge, but for this loom it is particularly nice. If you have any trouble with your hands and find working in the S shape a little tricky, the 5/8 inch gauge provides just a little more room, and makes working a large single rake item much easier than smaller gauges.
5. Pegs. CinDwood’s wonderful peg, with their smooth surface and wonderful tops let your yarn slide smoothly over the pegs without the loops falling off the top.
6. Yarn, yarn, yarn. On a 5/8 inch gauge you may use anything from a super bulky weight to a fingering weight yarn. The possibilities are endless. (I’ve even worked with lace weight.)
7. Size. The loom is compact and lightweight. The length is about 18 inches, and the width about 10 inches. It fits easily in your lap. If you have been trying out the Edmunds Stitch Master Stand, it also fits nicely on the stand.
8. Sturdy. The base and pegs on this loom are sturdy and will not bow or bend when you load it up with a heavy afghan. It is not going to break or pull out of shape with a heavy fabric on it.
     There you have it. When we loom knitters talk about our perfect loom, we want adjustability, lots of pegs, sturdiness, a small size and a gauge that works with many yarns. I think the 48 inch 5/8 gauge Universal S loom fits that description. 
Little Scarves: Baktus and Karius for the Loom
A collection of eight patterns  $12.00 US e-book  
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