Tuesday, November 21, 2017

Time for a sale!

It's that time again. The annual Turkey Weekend Pattern Sale. All of my e-books and patterns on Ravelry are 20% off. No coupon needed, the discount is automatic. The sale runs through Tuesday, November 27th. Happy shopping and happy knitting! 

Wednesday, November 23, 2016

Annual Thanksgiving Pattern Sale

Shop now! All patterns and e-books on sale, included my newest collection "Small Shawls and Tea Parties". 20 percent off using the code "stuffing" at check out.

Monday, November 21, 2016

Small Shawls and Tea Parties - Seven New Patterns

Seven patterns, five loom gauges, make them small, make them large, knit them the way you like to knit. Several colors, or just one, these little shawls will look great. When you need a break, enjoy "A Loom Knitter's Tea Party: Recipes to Knit By."

This e-book comes in two files, a large print 24 point font plain text version with 100 pages, and a 12 point font paper-saver version with 45 pages. Schematics and a photo gallery are included. Files are tablet and e-reader friendly. 

Small Shawls and Tea Parties e-book 
$14.00 US  

Thursday, November 17, 2016

Autumn Looming

Coming soon:
"Small Shawls and Tea Parties: seven shawls to make small, or large, and the recipes they inspired".

Thursday, August 4, 2016

Team Loominescent and a Sale

It is time once again for Team Loominescent to gather together for the biennial Ravellenic Games. If you haven't joined, please come visit the team and enjoy this fun challenge. We've been training hard and having a lot of fun for the past few weeks as we've "traveled" down to Rio. The cast on will be tomorrow (August 5th) evening. Choose a project you want to make and join in the fun. It is that easy! 

In honor of Team Loominescent, I'm having a sale starting today, through August 21st, 2016, when the games end. All of my books and patterns are 25% off. Just use the code "TEAMLOOM" when you check out. 

Copyright 2016 by Renee Van Hoy, Invisible Loom. All Rights Reserved.

Monday, June 20, 2016

Jack Be Nimble Baby Blanket

 “Jack be nimble, Jack be quick”, this blanket lives up to its name sake by being quick and simple to make. The textured stitch pattern of knit and purl stitches creates a beautiful fabric that any baby will love to be wrapped in. The pattern is easily adjusted to a larger size. This is a good beginner pattern, but has plenty of interest for a more advanced loom knitter.
 Loom: 5/8 inch gauge loom with 74 pegs flat knit (1/2 inch loom may be substituted) 
Yarn: 560 yards of bulky weight washable yarn divided as follows: 
Color 1 – 420 yards (sample used Knit Pick’s Billow in Whisker) 
Color 2 – 90 yards (sample used Knit Pick’s Billow in Spearmint) 
Color 3 – 45 yards (sample used Knit Pick’s Billow in Cadet 
Loom Tool 
Crochet hook 
14 stationary peg markers or scrap yarn 
Embroidery needle

Pattern is written in 24 point large print font and is screen reader, tablet and e-reader friendly. 

I've also included a chart of the stitch pattern in addition to fully written directions.
Jack Be Nimble Baby Blanket e-pattern
$4.00 US  


Loom Knitter's Stitch Dictionary Volume Two: 100 more stitch patterns
$24.00 US e-book 

Copyright 2016 by Renee Van Hoy, all rights reserved. Do not copy or distribute.

Tuesday, May 10, 2016

The Loom Knitter's Stitch Dictionary Volume Two

The Loom Knitter's Stitch Dictionary Volume Two: One Hundred More Single Rake Stitch Patterns for Loom Knitters is now available.
$24.00 US
If you already own Volume One, or if you buy both volumes, you will receive an automatic $3.00 discount on Volume Two.

The 190 page book also includes a separate 30 page file with the All Stitched Up Wrap and DIY All Stitched Up Wrap. Scroll down for details and lots of photos.

The wrap is worked in three colors. It is an elegant but simple wrap that buttons up into at least a dozen shapes. If you can knit and purl, you can make this lovely wrap. In addition to the full wrap pattern, there is a lengthy step-by-step tutorial for your own DIY All Stitched Up Wrap, using the stitch pattern, loom and yarn of your choice.
Loom: ½ inch gauge loom with 48 pegs flat knit
Yarn: 800 yards of worsted weight wool or wool blend divided between three colors: 
Color 1: 300 yards 
Color 2: 300 yards 
Color 3: 250 yards 
Sample made in Stonehedge Fiber Mill Worsted Wool, colors Mint, Ivy and Great Lakes. This is a particularly soft and smooth 100% wool that works very nicely for the pattern.
Loom tool 
Crochet hook 
10 stationary stitch markers or scrap yarn 
21 one inch buttons 
Embroidery needle 
Blocking tools
The pattern is written in 24 point large print font that is screen reader, e-reader and tablet friendly. The Stitch Dictionary is written in 20 point large print font, fully illustrated and charted with step-by-step directions for all of the patterns.