Tuesday, May 10, 2016

The Loom Knitter's Stitch Dictionary Volume Two

The Loom Knitter's Stitch Dictionary Volume Two: One Hundred More Single Rake Stitch Patterns for Loom Knitters is now available.
$24.00 US
If you already own Volume One, or if you buy both volumes, you will receive an automatic $3.00 discount on Volume Two.

The 190 page book also includes a separate 30 page file with the All Stitched Up Wrap and DIY All Stitched Up Wrap. Scroll down for details and lots of photos.

The wrap is worked in three colors. It is an elegant but simple wrap that buttons up into at least a dozen shapes. If you can knit and purl, you can make this lovely wrap. In addition to the full wrap pattern, there is a lengthy step-by-step tutorial for your own DIY All Stitched Up Wrap, using the stitch pattern, loom and yarn of your choice.
Loom: ½ inch gauge loom with 48 pegs flat knit
Yarn: 800 yards of worsted weight wool or wool blend divided between three colors: 
Color 1: 300 yards 
Color 2: 300 yards 
Color 3: 250 yards 
Sample made in Stonehedge Fiber Mill Worsted Wool, colors Mint, Ivy and Great Lakes. This is a particularly soft and smooth 100% wool that works very nicely for the pattern.
Loom tool 
Crochet hook 
10 stationary stitch markers or scrap yarn 
21 one inch buttons 
Embroidery needle 
Blocking tools
The pattern is written in 24 point large print font that is screen reader, e-reader and tablet friendly. The Stitch Dictionary is written in 20 point large print font, fully illustrated and charted with step-by-step directions for all of the patterns.

Sunday, May 8, 2016

Stitch Dictionary Two - Preview

In just a few days The Loom Knitter's Stitch Dictionary Volume Two will be published. Here is a preview of the book:

From the introduction to Volume Two:
"This volume has many new stitch patterns. There are chapters for cables, twisted stitches, mosaic and textured patterns, as well more brioche, ribbings, lace and slip stitch patterns. As before, all patterns are written with step-by-step directions using loom knitting terminology, for both flat panel and in the round loom knitting.
       In addition to the written directions and photos, Volume Two includes pattern charts for all of the new stitch patterns. The charts are large images, each one with its own individual stitch key, using loom knitting terms.
       Volume Two also includes the Basic Stitch Pattern chapter from the original dictionary, so it will stand alone as well as a companion to Volume One.
       Finally, two new full patterns are included. The All Stitched Up Wrap, a wonderfully textured wrap that buttons into a number of different designs, and DIY All Stitched Up Wrap, a step-by-step guide for designing your own wrap using the patterns in this book."

Volume Two is 191 pages, using a 20 point large print font. The All Stitched Up Wrap and DIY All Stitched Up Wrap are in a separate file with 29 pages in 24 point large print wrap. As always, the book and pattern are screen reader, e-reader and tablet friendly. 

1. Basic Stitch Patterns (reprinted from Volume One)
2. Knit and Purl Stitch Patterns
3. Cable Stitch Patterns
4. Twisted Stitch Patterns
5. Lace & Eyelet Stitch Patterns
6. Mosaic Stitch Patterns
7. Slip Stitch Patterns
8. Ribbing Stitch Patterns
9. Textured Stitch Patterns
10. Brioche Stitch Patterns

Special Price  
Purchase both The Loom Knitter’s Stitch Dictionary Volume Two and Volume One and receive a $3.00 discount. If you already have Volume One, you will automatically received the discount when you purchase Volume Two (this applies to purchases through my Ravelry links only).

Come back tomorrow for a preview of The All Stitched Up Wrap.

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Sunday, May 1, 2016

Coming soon....

The Loom Knitter's 
Stitch Dictionary 
Volume Two
Over one hundred more single rake patterns for loom knitters
By Renee Van Hoy

Copyright 2016 by Renee Van Hoy, Invisible Loom, all rights reserved. Do not copy or distribute.