Thursday, September 13, 2012

The Best Gets Better

It is no secret, I like my Markman adjustable looms. They are all wood, hand made, fully adjustable, and expandable. The only concern, and it has been a small one, has been that when I have a large project on them, sometimes I lose a loop off the top of the straight wooden peg. Well, last weekend, I had a wonderful visitor, Lynn Markman, and she showed me this:
It was a sample size 3/8 inch loom, with little wooden beads glued on to the pegs. I was so excited at this simple solution, Lynn left the little loom with me to try, and gave me a lovely gift of a travel size 1/2 inch gauge loom. 
I tried some plastic pony beads and "fast grab" tacky glue, and was able to modify the little loom in no time. The glue held the beads in place, and  I used a long wooden pick to make sure they were even. I added extra glue down the center of the beads, and now have a wonderful little loom, with no chance of losing the loops off the tops of the pegs. 
Better yet, I can see the pegs better, and have great contrast. I'm thinking of alternating bead colors on the larger looms, to have built in stitch markers for K1, P1 patterns.  Lynn was a wonderful visitor, and we had a lovely afternoon's visit talking everything loomy. It was so nice to meet Lynn after all these years on the net, and learn more about how her beautiful looms are crafted. Talk about inspiration!
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  1. Now I have to put her looms on 'the list' to try.

  2. Beads! What a great idea! I've considered getting a Markman loom but have been put off by the peg design. I'm always carrying my projects around and need the top of the peg to be able to hold stitches securely. This is a wonderful solution!

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