Sunday, September 30, 2012

October Looming

The Shapely Loom: Innovations for Loom Knitters  $12.00 US  

October is here, and lots of great looming around the net for all of us. I'm most excited about the Ravelry Loom-a-long group this month. We are working on "Josie's Sweater", and I have completely updated and revised this little baby sweater pattern. Be sure to download the new version of this free pattern, and join us for the loom-a-long. download now 
Stop by Loom Lore and see the baby turtle shell made from Brenda's wonderful Baby Gran Hexagon pattern. This is a great idea for using "motifs" - combining small shapes to make a larger item. 
The Loom Class schedule is not up yet, so I'll post it when available. In the mean time, come join me for the Loom-a-long.
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  1. Just bought your E-Book ... am looking forward to choosing my first project from it!
    Cheers, Karen

  2. I forgot to ask you - can I post some of the pictures from your book on my blog? I'd like to post the cover and maybe some of the sample project pictures? I wouldn't post any of the patterns.
    Thanks, Karen

  3. I just what to say thanks for the lovely shawl patterns. I brought you e book through Ravelry. I made one segment then realized that I must have missed moving the marker on a few rows.What do you use as your moveable marker? I made a wire hook but this falls off then I tried an earring wire and this seems to work ok.

    1. Hi Tamara, I use round plastic ring markers and snip them in one place, which lets me move them around the loom. I also have some thick split ring markers that work well, too. Homemade versions are from craft wire, but I found they did fall off, so the round markers have been the best.


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