Saturday, September 29, 2012

Shapely Loom Preview: Circles

 Today's preview is of the circle patterns from The Shapely Loom. This section of the book starts with the pattern formula (loom knit basic) for a "Just Go Round". The round is based on the short row triangle from the first part of the book. As with the other patterns, the round may be made in any size, on any loom.

The next "basic" pattern is for the "Ruffled All Around." Samples may be seen in the second and third photos. This pattern takes the round to the next step, adding a ruffled edging. The edging is made at the same time as the round, and there is just one small seam between the cast on and cast off edges. 
Ruffled All Around has variations for a washcloth, baby blanket and a circle shawl, throw or tablecloth in three gauges: large, half and small. The pattern will work on any single rake loom, any gauge, and in any size you prefer.
 The third loom knit basic pattern in the circle section is "Encircled in Lace". Shown here in the fourth photo as a lace weight circle shawl, the pattern takes the basic round and adds a lace edging. The edging is made at the same time as the center. There is no seaming except the small seam at the cast on and cast off edges. The pattern includes variations for a doily, tablecloth, bedcover or baby blanket in large, half and small gauges. The pattern is fully adjustable as well, for any size or loom you prefer. You may even make a lace edged round on your knifty knitter loom using worsted weight yarn.
 The last two patterns are shawls, because you know how I love shawls. The the first photo shows the back, and fifth photo shows the lace detail on "Just a Little Lace Shawl for the Loom". This is a partial circle shawl pattern, with lace edging worked at the same time as the center . The pattern has variations for the large, half and small gauge looms, and is also adjustable in size. 
The last pattern in the book is shown in the sixth photo. "Sweet Floral Fantasy For the Loom" builds on the previous patterns, and adds a floral lace design to the center of the shawl, along with the lace edging. It is a more intricate pattern, and written out line by line. The pattern is adjustable in size, from a half circle to a full circle shawl, and even the length may be increased. 
In addition to the 13 patterns and pattern formulas in the books, with their endless variations, the introductory section discusses how and when to wrap pegs for particular patterns. Seaming options for different fabrics are given, and the idea of "proportioned gauge" is used throughout the book. Proportioned gauge is the way that a modular/sectional item comes out evenly when made on the loom. A full stitch key is given, using my stitch abbreviations just for the loom - terms that work for the loom, rather than trying to apply needle knit terms to the loom. 
I hope you enjoy "The Shapely Loom: Innovations for Loom Knitting" Please let me know what you think. 

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