Friday, February 3, 2012

Wingspan for Loom Knitters

 A few weeks ago, designer maylin debuted on Ravelry with a stunning needle knit pattern called "Wingspan". She has been gracious enough to encourage alternate versions of her pattern, so I have written "Wingspan for Loom Knitterns" for you to enjoy.
The photo shows Wingspan on a 1/2 inch gauge 90 peg loom, using worsted weight yarn. If you want to use a large gauge loom, you may increase your yarn to bulky, or stay with worsted. The garter stitch is very forgiving, and you will love the clever shaping of this scarf. If you have more pegs on your loom, you may make a large size scarf, or even a shawlette. Please let me know how you like this pattern. Wingspan for Loom knitters
Wingspan has been updated to the new e-book, including the Wingspan in Lace, and instructions for making Wingspan on different looms. Wingspan e-book $8.00  

Remember to come and join the "Sweet on Ruffles" loom-a-long on Ravelry, too. (See prior post.)
Copyright 2012 by Invisible Loom, Renee Van Hoy. All Rights Reserved.


  1. I've been eyeing this pattern for the past few days. I'm amazed (although, I really shouldn't be) that you came up with the loom version. Yet again, you've done something awesome!

  2. Oh Wow!! this is just so wonderful!! Thanks so much for posting!

  3. Hey Renee, would you be interested in teaching this in loomclass? You know we love you teaching in there ;) Also what was your gauge on this, want to get as close to the same finished size as I can.



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