Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Travel by Rail Beret

 I'm very happy to give you this new pattern today. The "Travel by Rail Beret" is a simple but elegant beret, perfect to wear when you want to be warm and comfortable, yet still stylish with a touch of elegance.
 The beret features a relaxed band that will not pull on your hair, with a lace edged cast-off.
 It has a gentle swirl that ends with a tassel. I used a home-made velvet ribbon tassel, but a long tassel of any kind adds a lovely touch to this beret.
Enjoy this pattern, and please let me know how you like it. $3.00 US  
$12.00 e-book "Loom Knit Shawls: From Simple to Sublime"

Copyright 2011 by Invisible Loom and Craft, Renee Van Hoy. All Rights Reserved.

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  1. so beautiful and such a wonderfully simple idea Renee, this one is definitely going to be a huge hit to join all your other fantastic hugely popular designs :)


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