Thursday, October 13, 2011


Diamonds in the Ruff(le) crescent shawl

 Hydrangea Petal Lace Shawl
 Sweet on Ruffles Shawlette
 Peaceful Days Shawl
My Fair Faroese
The patterns are almost ready. All will have some variation, to make them a little more simple or fancy, lighter weight or heavier weight yarn, smaller or larger size. One loom will make all of the shawls - a 1/2 inch gauge with about 66 pegs. I hope you like the photos. PS to Kathie: I used my CinDwood 66 peg, 1/2 inch gauge, hat loom to make the shawls. The Shawlette was made on both the CinDwood and the Purple KK hat loom. Any 1/2 inch gauge loom will work, including the Markman half size and the DA regular sett.  And all are made in one piece.
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  1. I just love you work Renee can't wait for these patterns to be released says 1/2" gauge loom with 66 pegs what loom did you use?
    Kathy in WI

  2. Oh my Renee, they are all absolutely gorgeous and stunning, I especially love the first photograph of Diamonds in the Ruff(le) crescent shawl as it has a real vintage feel about it. You have completely gone way above and beyond all expectations with this collection, I knew they were all going to be stunning but WOW! they are simply amazing and I can not wait to see them published and doing exceptionally well as I know they will my friend. (((hugs))) Helen xx

  3. This is SOOOO exciting! My computer has been down for a few weeks and I haven't had a chance to keep up with your brilliant work. You make it hard to choose which one to start first, but I know I want to knit ALL of them! Thank you for sharing your incredible talent with all of us that are merely follow the pattern instructions. I am picking out the yarn from my stash today!


  4. Oh Renee, how incredible. My computer has been down for a few weeks and I have been learning to use a Mac. I haven't kept up with your posts like normal. This is really exciting and so kind of you to share your wonderful talent with all us us that just follow the instructions. I don't know which one to start first, but you can be sure I am looking through my stash today to see which yarn I want to use. Beautiful work!


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