Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Loom Knit Shawls: From Simple to Sublime

Finished!  I hope you all will enjoy "Loom Knit Shawls: From Simple to Sublime".
   $12.00 US  ebook

Five loom knit shawl patterns and their variations will take you from a simple small shawlette on a large gauge loom, to a delicate lace weight yarn confection made on a ½ inch gauge loom. All the patterns may be made on a single 60 peg ½ inch gauge hat loom.

Variations include yarn weights of lace, fingering, DK, worsted or bulky. Designs vary from simple garter rows to beautiful flowers and geometric treasures. Shape your shawls in a classic full V-back, a long ruffed crescent, a Faroese half circle, or a petite shawlette.

$12.00 PDF download includes multiple files: a 52 page, large print version; 20 page, 12 point paper saver; and a separate photo gallery file, to let you print the patterns the way you like to use them.

The Patterns
1. “Sweet on Ruffles
This sweet little shawlette is a great way to loom knit a shawl if you are not quite ready to work with finer weight yarns, or want a fast, simple project. The shaping techniques used for a larger V-back shawl are the similar to the shaping used for this shawlette, but you are working with bulky or worsted weight wool, depending on your loom size. This pattern is perfect for learning short row ruffles, practicing blocking, and enjoying working with a pretty variegated yarn. The shawlette may be worn with the point in the front, tucked into a jacket, or with the point in the back, showing off your ruffles. The “simple” version of the pattern omit’s the ruffle.

2. “Peaceful Day Shawl
Peaceful is a large, one piece V-back shawl made on a 60 peg, ½ inch gauge knitting loom. After blocking, a small crochet edging may be added to the shawl. The lace rows may be placed any where you please within the shawl pattern, or omitted entirely in the “simple” version.

3. “Diamonds in the Ruff(les)”
Diamonds is a long, crescent shaped shawl that wraps around, and around your shoulders. It is made on a ½ inch gauge loom with 59 pegs. Diamonds may be loomed “simply” without the diamond lace panel. With the lace panel, a beautiful design is centered across your back, topped by gentle ruffles. Without the lace panel, softly shaped crescent shawl with a gentle ruffled edge is created.

4. “Hydrangea Petal Lace
Light as air, Hydrangea may be made in lace weight yarn using 58 pegs on a ½ inch gauge loom. Hydrangea is a full V shaped shawl that will fold delicately into a lovely neckerchief or wrap around all the way around your shoulders and back. If you are not ready to work with lace weight yarn, make a “simple” version of the Hydrangea with fingering weight yarn and use the 50 peg option given in the pattern.

5. “My Fair Faroese

My Fair Faroese is a half-circle shape made in 5 sections. To create a Faroese on a knitting loom, the shawl is loomed from one corner to the other, using 4 triangles and a straight center section. My Fair Faroese createsDK weight yarn.

Photos are in the previous post, "Almost".
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  1. Woot! Just finished purchasing and downloading the ebook. I'm gonna have a hard time deciding which to do first!

  2. absolutely amazing Renee, love love love them all and will be making them, I feel extra proud of this publication because it truly does put loom knitting right up there with the most beautiful shawls being produced by needle knitters too. So fantastic my friend, congratulations on your first booklet, I just know it will be a giant success. (((( hugs )))) H xx

  3. What wonderful timing! Just when I need to knit a lace shawl for my sister's wedding. Congrats on your booklet!!


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