Thursday, June 2, 2011

June Looms

June is here, and looms will be busy! The Loom-a-long group at Ravelry has two new patterns to work on. A lacey shawl and a pair of mittens. The Loom Class group at yahoogroups will have a class the second half of the month, and it is my "Sea Glass Wrap" pattern. This is such a fun pattern, a little different, but not too challenging at all. It is made with DK weight mohair yarn, and then some nice, chunky handspun yarn is woven in and caught up in the mohair. I hope you will come and join the class!
The photos here are of my current looms. The first photo shows more work on the V-back shawl pattern, now adding in lace panels, and increasing the size. The second photo is a blue version of the "Pink Pearl Wrap". Both of these have been very popular with the kitties, who like to sit on them as they are loomed.

I forgot to identify the items in the photos I used for "The Right Tools" post last week. The cream lace is from the Daisy Chain Sweater . The grey and blue fabric with eyelets is from Lora's Tea Cozy, and the pink-multi is the V-back shawl pattern I'm working on currently, made with Wool of the Andes Bulky yarn in Garden Party. The last photo is of my CinDwood Universal S loom.

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  1. Hi Renee my Lovely, your V back shawl looks incredible, very pretty and oh my, that pearl wrap in blue is exquisite, very airy and fine fabric I just love them both. You definitely just keep getting better and better all the time with your new designs, I just cant wait for the V shawl one now :)

  2. I got ahead of myself because my yarn for the "Sea Glass Wrap" class finally all arrived. It was so luscious looking I started the shawl. Ooops!

    I had a little trouble with the cast on because I wanted the shawl a little wider, so when you start the class if you could tell us how to increase the width of the shawl that would be great (if there is a repeat and how many stitches it might be). Also, if you have a close up of what the fabric should look like laying flat that would be nice too. (I can't tell if the triple purls should lie above each other or not--it seems the larger holes appear to be rather random because of the two rows of e-wrap knit between them but I could be wrong.)

    My first 11 rows probably won't match the rest but I think I have the hang of it now. It is coming out lovely even if I got the pattern spacing off. I will lay it aside until the class starts. Really looking forward to it.
    Pat H.


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