Saturday, May 28, 2011

The Pink Pearl Wrap

The Pink Pearl Wrap pattern for the loom. A lovely lace confection made from lace weight yarn. The pattern offers two sizes (photos show the small size.) This pretty wrap is perfect for warmer weather, and is made with lace weight mohair and silk yarn on a 1/2 inch gauge loom with 30 or 44 pegs. The pattern is a large print pdf download. If you need a plain text version, please leave a comment with your email in it (your email will not be posted.) Please let me know you like this pattern. Pink Pearl Wrap $4.50 US  
Copyright 2011 by Invisible Loom and Craft, Renee Van Hoy. All Rights Reserved.


  1. Thank you Renee! You are so generous in sharing your wonderful patterns! *Ü*
    You have been on my mind and I will e~mail you very soon...

  2. Another gorgeous piece of work! Fantastic!

  3. Another gorgeous design!! Thank you so much, Renee! You are one talented lady!

  4. absolutely stunning Renee :)
    working on the needle knit version at the moment, will email it soon probably tomorrow as Harvey is still a bit under the weather so clingy.
    Helen x


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