Thursday, May 5, 2011

May Looming on the Net

Oops. There is an errata page for Jane's Shawl. The corrected version is number 4, and both the needle and loom version have been corrected.

May is a wonderful month for looming. The Ravelry loom-a-long group is hosted this month by Helen Jacobs-Grant
myheartexposed . The pattern is the beautiful "Vive Le Difference", a lacy shawl or scarf consisting of 3 sections that may be loomed in any combination you like. The photo above shows the start of mine, a narrow scarf version made out of "Sylph" from Artfibers in a deep plum color. I cannot wait to finish it and block the lace to see it open up. The loom-a-long will also be hosted in the Knifty Knitters Loom Group and DA Loom Group at yahoo groups.

Made by Telaine has finished her beautiful "Friendly Scarf Project" with a wonderful stitch conversion, the "Lacy Wasps Nest Stitch." I love this project, and hope that there will be more like it. Anyone up for a round-robin friendly scarf project? Thank you for all the beautiful stitches, Tanya.

Working Out Kinks and Fingering Yarn continue to amaze me with their wonderful tutorials and articles. A must read is the article about the Hyperbolic Crocheted Community Reef displayed at the Smithsonian. Although this is not a loomed project, it is a beautiful needle art display, and the article is a delight to read. Thank you Crystal and Ana!

Loom Class at yahoogroups has two great May projects: The Mother's Day Illusion Cloth taught by Brenda, The Loom Lady, and The Needle to Loom Bunny, taught by Pat Hathaway.

And last ... I'll be teaching the loom class the last part of June with my "Seaglass Wrap" pattern, and the Ravelry Loom-a-long for July, with the "Leafy Sea Dragon Scarf". I hope you will all join along.
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  1. Very excited to see your lacy scarf Renee, it looks beautiful in the plum shade and I cant wait to see it finished. So looking forward to the Loom Class in July, I will be following along and willing everything to be a huge success :)

    ((( hugs )))

    Helen xx


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