Wednesday, May 11, 2011

On and Off the Loom

It is all about size this week. Spring is here, and my loom knits need to shrink to fit the weather.

On my loom this week is a little sister to "Jane's Shawl". I scaled the pattern to fit two very pretty skeins of Noro yarn that were a birthday gift. The yarn is more of a bulky weight, but the tweedy look fits the pattern well, and the colors give an entirely different take on the original. Just off the loom, the "Vive La Difference" from the May Ravelry Loom-a-long. I made a narrow scarf version, again scaling the pattern to the yarn. When blocked it made a very pretty lace scarf, which I wore on Mother's Day.

Next? Another version of the "Pearl Wrap", and then the pattern will be available. I'm testing the new "Aloft" yarn from Knit Picks for this wrap, in a sky blue, and debating about having two sizes as well. The first few tries for a larger size wrap did not go well, so I may stay with the original size after all.

What's on your loom?

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  1. Hi Renee

    your little sister shawl to Jane's Shawl is gorgeous, so cute with that ruffle along the edge, I adore your baby Vive as well its just beautiful :)

    Pearl Wrap sounds very interesting cant wait to see that one

    On my looms right now is a Janes Shawl only about two inches though because I have been avidly working on mitre squares for the giant Super Mario Blanket for my oldest boy Joseph to take away to university with him when he leaves home in the summer. I also have another Vive about five inches through starting and am writing up a follow up to the Vive Pattern, the first was "Loom Knitted Lace with Individuality" and the follow up is "The Imaginative Edge" where I hope people will be able to put the two together to make a fancy shawl or even a lace poncho style jumper or cardi with a bit of imagination. Will of course send it to you first so you can have a look when I have finished typing it and added the photographs :)

    Helen xx


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