Monday, February 7, 2011

The Sea Glass Wrap

The fabric of this soft wrap takes inspiration from the colors and contrasting textures of the sea shore. The soft mohair yarn has an open, wavy stitch that “catches” the hand spun in its threads. The hand spun is left with loose ends to mingle with the lacy threads. Opposites play together to make a soft wrap or scarf that is a delight to wear.
This is a project I truly enjoyed making for the loom. It shows once again that thin yarns will work beautifully on a loom. Here, the 5/8 inch gauge purple Knifty Knitter hat loom was used. A 1/2 inch loom will also work. I also liked playing with the e-wrap stitch to create a fabric that has the look of unstructured lace, while it is made in a very structured way, and making a new stitch pattern as well. The wrap itself is very enjoyable to wear both as a shawl or a scarf.
The pattern is available from Ravelry as a large print pdf download. If you need a plain text version for your screen reader, please leave me a message and I will send it to you.
Sea Glass Wrap $4.50 US
Please let me know how you like this pattern.
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