Monday, January 31, 2011

Following The Everyday Beret

The Everyday Beret pattern has been very popular. As a result, I have received much more feedback from loomers than on other patterns, and I would like to pass on some of the questions and the answers that have come up.
1. Yarn weight: while a variety of yarns and looms can be used, if the yellow knifty knitter is used, a dk weight single strand will make a lace hat that is very open, and while decorative, not a warm winter hat. Worsted or bulky weight yarns are best for the yellow knifty knitter.
2. When you reach the end of a row, you will have 1 extra peg. The new row starts on the "extra" peg, not where the previous row started. This will continue throughout the pattern, and create the spiral design. If your hat is missing the spiral, you may have loomed the "extra" peg.
3. Do not forget to turn your hat inside out at the end, so that your knit stitches are inside the hat. The shaping of the hat is intended for this reverse, as well as the stitch pattern you see in the samples.
I'm so glad you are enjoying this little hat!

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