Thursday, June 10, 2010

Looming around the Net

There are lots of great projects and new ideas happening for loomers around the net:

The June Loom Class group at yahoogroups has a great batch of projects, starting right now with a darling octopus taught by Kelly Jones, and following up with "Baby Gran Squares" taught by Brenda Myers.
The Loom Dude has a wonderful pattern to make for a soldier, a garrison cap, which folds flat like an envelope for easy packing.
My Heart Exposed Yarns continues with amazing dyes from natural plants, with colors that are very inspiring.
The Buzzzzzzz today: an adjustable fine gauge (3/8 inch) sock loom from Authentic Knitting Board, with grooved metal pegs. It is shipping in July, only $27. Will this be the answer for all the sock loom challenged loomers?

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