Thursday, June 27, 2013

The Spanish Looms

 A few months ago, a member of the Ravelry Loom Knitters Group spied an unusual loom on Ebay in France. The seller was Spanish, so one of our members who spoke Castilian Spanish offered to help translate. The result was the discovery of "The Spanish Looms". We've affectionately named them the "Elivra Looms" after the very nice lady who sells them. What are these mystery looms? Well, at first glance, they looked like copies of the basic Knifty Knitter looms, in very pretty colors. But, what peeked everyone's curiosity was the extra holes between each of the pegs. And, there were extra pegs to put in them. So, we were looking at looms in a smaller gauge, with an awful lot of sizes, at reasonable prices. When the first batch arrived, our hopes were confirmed. The looms were indeed about a 3/8 inch gauge when the extra pegs were added. There were 9 looms, 4 long and 5 round. Unlike the Martha Stewart looms, the pegs for the Elivra looms snapped into place evenly, with the grooves automatically  facing outward. The pegs are about the same size as the small Martha loom pegs. The plastic was smooth, but not slippery, and the looms were sturdy. The colors were fun, with a translucence that made us want to find a way to put lights inside of them. The group next placed a bulk order with Elvira, and ten members received the wonderful looms. So far, everyone is delighted with them, so it seemed time to tell you all about them. 
The pegs counts and rough measurements are as follow:

Round set (when all pegs in) :

Small pink : 20 pegs. Almost 1/2 inch gauge.
Green : 44 pegs. 3/8 minus 1/32 inch gauge.
Purple : 62 pegs. 3/8 minus 1/32 inch gauge.
Blue : 72 pegs. 3/8 inch gauge.
Big rose : 82 pegs. 3/8 plus 1/32 inch gauge.

Long set (when all pegs in) :

All have a 3/8 plus 1/32 inch gauge.
Purple : 52 pegs.
Rose : 76 pegs.
Blue : 100 pegs.
Green : 124 pegs.

The link to Elvira's Ebay store is:

I used Google translate to help me order (I had to have the largest long loom once the round set arrived.)

  $12.00 US

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  1. Oh Oh ... I think you are enabling me. :-) thanks for the info, Renee!
    Cheers, Karen

  2. Thanks for the link! :) Got my two looms yesterday.

    Piia Nieminen from Finland


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