Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Preview Week - The Shapely Loom Triangles

 Today I thought I would show you some of the patterns from the "triangle" section of the book. I'm starting with a pattern called the "Mostly Harmless Scarf," named by one of my great testers, Pam. Some of you may recognize this as a loom interpretation of a popular needle knit pattern called hitchhiker. 
 This great scarf is an asymmetrical triangle with a saw tooth edging. It is a wonderful scarf to make with long color changing yarns. The pattern includes the option of adding beads to each of the "points". 
 One of the fun things about this pattern is that you may make it on any single rake loom, any gauge, any yarn. The first two photos show it in a worsted weight yarn, and the third and fourth photos show a fingering weight. Both were made on a 1/2 inch gauge loom. You may make the scarf as long as you like, but one skein of fingering made the sample in the third and fourth photos, with yarn to spare.
The main part of the section on triangles focuses on three "loom knit basics" - formulas for making triangles. These are the "bottom up", "tip up" and "short row" triangles. The three basic triangles and their many variations are explained in this part of the book. 
 A little kerchief pattern, shown in the fifth photo, is part of the short row formula pattern. Would you believe of everything in the book, the kerchief was the one sample my daughter wanted?
The triangle chapter gives you the foundation for the next section, squares. 
To answer questions from yesterday's post, the book will be available October 1, 2012 (maybe even earlier) and there will be multiple pdf files, in 24 point font large print as well as a 12 point paper saver version. The pdf's are compatible with screen readers as well as kindle and tablet friendly. Back tomorrow with the squares.
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  1. Hi hi. How many pegs are needed for this scarf? Totally in love with it and want to check before I buy the book

    1. This is a very flexible pattern, so you may make it on any gauge loom. A large hat loom will work fine, but so will a sock loom. We tested it on all kinds of looms with good success.

  2. Just started it today with sock yarn on my little sock loom from kb. I am ATM on 25 pegs and in love with both scarf and yarn. You are so amazing and I love the pattern.
    I did ponder trying it on all in one loom with sock yarn but didn't dare. Don't know if you tried it with that combination? I guess it's not that much of an issue if its a bit loosely knit? Else I think I'll soon have to double loops on my pegs to make it fit.

  3. Thank you. If you look at the photo showing the scarf with the kitty, that scarf was made on the all in one loom with Chroma in fingering weight. I thought it came out beatifully, and did not find it loose knit at all. The garter stitch, as well as the "spring" in the yarn, work to pull the fabric together. I'm so glad you are enjoying the pattern.

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