Friday, March 30, 2012

Pattern preview: Venetian Lace Wrap

 The pattern preview today is the "Venetian Lace Wrap". This is an asymmetrical wrap, that is loomed in a long, "U" shape with a lovely lace border along two sides. The lace takes its name from the china pattern of the same name. This wrap was made in a sport weight yarn from Zauberball, with a lovely white, pink and green stripe. A 90 peg 1/2 inch gauge loom was used. A large gauge loom is not recommended for this pattern.

Blooming Loom: Colorful Patterns for Loom Knitters.” Six bright patterns will make your looms burst with color and creativity. These patterns are made to show off your most beautiful striped yarns, or let your solid colors shine. Five of the patterns are adaptable to any gauge loom, with recommendations in the patterns for yarn weight and peg numbers.  Techniques include lace edgings, gathers, color striping, shaping, bias knitting, short rows, wave stitch, slipstitch, and eyelet  stitches.  Let your loom bloom with color and creativity!
$12.00 US PDF download includes a 24 point font large print version; 12 point font paper-saver version; separate photo gallery files, and a cover. Print your patterns the way you like to use them.  
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  1. That yarn is absolutely perfect for that pattern! So lovely!


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