Friday, September 16, 2011

On and Off the Loom

I have more photos of "the shawl project" to share with you today. The first photo shows the pink Hydrangea Petal Lace Shawl being blocked. It was made from 50 pegs, and blocked to 64 inches by 28 inches.

The second photo is shows a large V-back shawl on my 66 peg 1/2 inch gauge CinDwood loom. The center point of the shawl is at the bottom right of the photo. The yarn is Knit Picks City Tweed in Plum Wine, a soft blend of merino and alpaca in a DK weight. The shawl has simple lace rows that will follow the "V" shape when it is blocked out. I'm planning to add a little crochet edging in a contrasting color.
The last photo shows the Diamonds in the Ruff(les) shawl being blocked. This shawl was made on 58 pegs, and blocked out to over 75 inches. It wraps around and around for a wonderful effect, with the lace displayed nicely across the back.
I'm about to cast on the last of the "shawl project" shawls. I've made the doll size model, and I just have to decide on the yarn.
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  1. Renee,as always you amaze with your work .The Diamond Ruffle Shawl is for sure one of my wish list projects before the years end.I already make many Abalone Lace Shawlette in different yarns and always turn in beautifull.
    Thanks for the analysis of MS looms and their different pegs.You are awsome teacher.Blessings Sonia Cataquet,Fl

  2. Your shawls and all of your work is tremendous. I see them blocking and I know this is the secret. I want to make them all!!

  3. absolutely beautiful shawls Renee, missed you so much, back online as of this morning so will catch up eventually on messages etc just wanted to pop in and say Hi and that I am loving your work and creativity :)

    I am still working on the secret uni blanket project with mitred squares, only managed to knit three squares in total over the last two weeks whilst moving house, will catch up this week for sure as its almost finished now just a little bit to go.

    ((((( hugs )))))

    H xx

  4. Your shawls are amazing!...I have been loom knitting a year now and love it! I have made a triangle shawl on my loom...I crocheted the edges...the center was just ewrapped. I t sold on Etsy. I would love to be able to do what you do! I do not read patterns they make me crazy....once I get something in my head thou I can do it. I just can't get it in my head how to make each side match in a pattern on a triangle shawl. Love your work!


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