Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Farewell to the Knifty Knitter

Love it or hate it, most loom knitters started with a hat on the big yellow ring of the Knifty Knitter round loom set. We complained about its bulky pegs, limited size, and the need to double our yarn, yet it has always been a staple of loom knitting.

Now, the Knifty Knitter looms are gone, and I am a little sad about it. Yes, I've hoped for more inexpensive options, and especially more sizes, and a better nylon instead of the scratchy plastic, but I never hoped that the Knifty Knitter would disappear altogether.

What are the new options? For the original round set, Michaels has a version that is very similar, and in some ways, better for the vision impaired. The round set has the same number of pegs, and is made in a brightly colored plastic that is much better for working with light colored yarns. The gauge on these is still "large", but the pegs have been moved slightly to the center of the ring, changing the overall position of the pegs a little, and making the gauge slightly smaller than the old KK. The plastic appears smoother than the KK looms, but only time will tell as to how they hold up.

Boye is producing a set of rings as well, with the peg count changed so that all the rings have an even number of pegs. The difficulty with these looms is that the looms come with all the pegs loose, and they have to be inserted into the looms. Martha Stewart also has put out a loom (looking much like the old "Dream Loom") with multiple pieces for different loom configurations. This set also has the pegs loose. The pegs in the Martha set have a very small "top", which lets the yarn slip off very easily.

As for my favorite KK loom, the 48 peg purple hat loom in the nice, smooth nylon, 5/8 inch gauge, it looks like this loom is not being replaced. What a shame, as this was a very nice loom to work with!

The KK long oval looms have also disappeared. Michaels has a new set with squared-off ends, that look like they are a wider gauge than the old KK looms. Boye is putting out a set with ends that unlock and open to allow for single knitting. I have not seen these yet, but they sound like a very nice option for loom knitters, and would help with some of the awkwardness in single knitting on a long loom.

If you have used any of these new looms, I'd love for you to share your comments with us.
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  1. Wow, I can't believe that Knifty Knitter is being discontinued. I'm glad there are some other options, but that sure does mess with gauge for people, doesn't it? I don't quite understand why the pegs aren't already fitted to the frame in some instances. Would that allow for a different kind of project?

  2. yes I agree Renee, its such a massive shame but could be a clever marketing ploy as well. Remember the Unicorn purple oval original? they discontinued that then brought it right back again a year later due to popular demand (granted it was slightly different and not as long or wide as the original but it did come back in the end)

    I wonder whether provocraft will re-introduce the knifty knitter sets in a year's time too?

    QVC carry a set of four round looms exactly the same as the knifty knitter set but in pastel colours, not sure of the branding on that but its very good and half the price of the KK looms too.

    It is a real shame still though


    H xx

  3. I'm quite sad about this. Most loom knitters enter the looming world because of these easy to find and easy to use looms. They have a place and a presence in the looming world that I will miss.

    I was looking at my KK round looms recently. My blue loom's pegs are white from repeated scrapings of the pick as my favorite beginner project was scarves in Lion Brand Homespun.

    I feel sad, too.

  4. I have just bought the new Boye Long Loom Set. I am excited to try them as a single rake. The knobs on pegs are smaller and plasic is smooth. I will be using them this weekend. I will let you know how it goes.

  5. Hello everyone! I have some good news: Our Michael's and JoAnn's in Overland Park, Kansas has plenty of the Knifty Knitter round looms, and also the purple loom! (I guess a lot of Overland Park people don't loom knit... they needle knit, mostly. So, if you want to get a set, or a purple loom call them and place your order :)
    Michael's: (913) 491-0702
    JoAnn's: (913) 696-0606
    Both of these stores had the items a week ago (@ Aug. 15) and they have other stores in the area that they can check for you if they are sold out at their particular location :) Hope this helps everyone!

  6. The Boye looms are horrid. The peg tops are like crochet needles so unless you are using very bulky yarn you are constantly fighting to get the yarn out of the notch. I don't mind the pegs being loose... a little piece of yarn or paper and they are fine. It's that stupid notch that's the problem.

  7. I agree that the Boye looms are difficult to use because of the peg tops. Only bulky yarn can be used without catching in notches. Having to continually
    Get yarn out of notches takes the joy out of looming. the notch needs to go. the knifty knitter was so much better. bring it back!

  8. I was lucky to get 2 sets of the round looms and the long looms in Knifty Knitter brand. the Boyce looms and the ones at Michaels aren't exactly the same spacing. I am sad to see the hat loom not being replaced. I was lucky to find 2 of them on this past Christmas.

  9. Just today I purchased another long loom set on Amazon for a fairly reasonable price of $25. It is my second long set. In addition to these, I have 2 round sets, 3 additional 22" long looms, and 2 rectangles. I now have to stock up on the replacement pegs before they disappear, too!

  10. If all these good reviews are coming in about the purple loom, you would think the company would be over whelmed! I to am sad that you cannot find the loom anywhere. We need to e mail and call the company!!!!!!!PLEASE CALL AND E MAIL TO GET THE PURPLE LOOM BACK, I LOVE IT!!!!!!!!!!!!

  11. i have just recently found and purchaced a set of round and long knifty knitter looms for my daughter to replace some of hers where the pegs broke. found them at not sure how long they will be available for but the prices were good and made up for shipping when I bought both sets at same time the shipping was the same price. hope this helps anyone.

  12. is offering some KK looms and accessories for rock bottom prices. Buy one and get four free.

    1. Thanks for this posting! I got the KK looms for my daughter and me and we love it. These looms are the best.

  13. I have all of the Knifty Knitter looms and still use them. They are great.


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