Monday, April 25, 2011

Jane's Shawl

A few weeks ago, a discussion began on Ravelry about a small shawl seen briefly in the new "Jane Eyre" movie, and the photo above. Loving the book, and loving shawls, I listened in on what became a very active discussion. It was learned that the shawl had been knit by a costume designer, with no pattern and no hints. What followed was a very descriptive discussion of the structure of the shawl. I realized that I could follow the discussion and create a pattern because the structure of the shawl was so clearly discussed and debated. Some elements were clear to me from the start - the short row shaping and short row ruffles were all things I had used in my patterns before. Other parts were a lot of experimentation and trial and error.
The shawl is small in the front and just covers the shoulder, but then extends in the back, with shaping at the shoulders that help it "stay put". The edges are soft ruffles, that widen across the back. A rustic hand spun or tweed is the perfect yarn for "Jane's Shawl".
The pattern is available in large print pdf format at Ravelry, free through Mother's Day, May 8, 2011. There is a wonderful Knit-a-long at the Jane Eyre Fans group, where you can see many beautiful needle knit interpretations of the shawl. Please contact me if you need a plain text version for your screen reader.
Jane's Shawl for the Loom $4.50 US  

Update: This pattern has been revised and now includes three different sizes. 
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  1. What a beautifully elegant shawl! You did a super job, Renee!

  2. Oh, lovely! I think I have exactly the right yarn for it, too!

  3. You did a fantastic job Renee! Your shawl is exquisite!

  4. I know I have already told you this Renee, but I cant stop looking at it, your shawl is just brilliantly put together and designed, I simply can not wait to get started on mine thank you so very much for the pattern.

    When is mother's day? we already had ours in the UK first Sunday of April ?

  5. I was searching for pictures of Jane's shawl & came across you website. I love the shawl & seen the one you have in blue & grey. They are both so beautiful and looking at your archives I seen how awesome you rail cuffs & jean cuffs your work is outstanding. Thanks for sharing with us. I don't have a website I just like to search for ideas to give as gifts.
    Susan From Sunny California :)


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