Monday, March 14, 2011

Looming Around the Net

March has some wonderful projects for loomers. At Ravelry, the Loom-a-long group is working on "The 29th Street Stole", designed and hosted by Jenny Stark. This lace beauty is made of self striping yarn, and may be made as a scarf or a wrap. The Loom Class at yahoo groups is just starting a very inovative project, a loomed postcard, designed and hosted by Vanessa Bell. The cards will be swapped at the end of the month. Helen at My Heart Exposed has a lovely new headband pattern (pattern page 3.) Greg the Loom Dude has made a beautiful pink shrug for his daughter, along with his other fabulous creations. Made by Telaine has shared another stitch pattern, "Raised Diamonds", from her Friendly Scarf Project. Brenda the Loom Lady has shared the pattern for her beautiful Pansies, and a wonderful square/washcloth called the "Irish Washerwoman".


  1. Thank you for your mentions! I love your patterns :-)

  2. and I just published the Handspun Mock Cables Headband about an hour ago now too :)
    Free ravelry download or available on my website :)
    page 3 of the loom knitting patterns section

    Helen x


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