Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Tea on Tuesday

A very dear friend recently treated me to tea at two different, yet very lovely, tea rooms in San Francisco. The first, in the photo above, was The Crown and Crumpet Tea Salon. Everything about this tea room was delightful. Their motto is "A Room with Tea and Wit." As you lift your teacup, each saucer is revealed to have its own clever saying. The Crown and Crumpet lived up to its name with delicious crumpets, sandwiches, and sweets. The teas at the Crown and Crumpet were also outstanding. Crown and Crumpet is located on the Bay, in Ghiradelli Square. The second, different but equally enjoyable, was Lovejoy's Tearoom. The location was nothing special, but the room was very welcoming, overflowing with cushions and comfortable chairs. The scones and tea sandwiches were particularly good at Lovejoy's, and the addition of a fruit plate was very nice in a full tea. Both rooms had shops that were, again, different but delightful. Lovejoy's was a second hand shop, with vintage tea cups and tea wares. Crown and Crumpet had new, stylish tea ware, with the official Crown Teapot being my favorite. Both tea rooms have web sites that you can view to learn more about them.

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  1. Oh how fun, to sit and have a grownup tea party, not once but twice. That was so nice of your friend to do together.


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