Friday, January 21, 2011

Questions from the Comments

I've had a question about changing looms for the Lightly Laced Cowl pattern. Since the pattern is from a post that is a year old, I thought I would answer it here. The question is how to do the crochet cast-off. For this kind of tutorial, I like Loom Knitting Help
The site has detailed instructions and written explanations that do not rely on photos or videos.

But, it was the rest of the question/comment that I have been thinking about. The loom knitter loved the pattern, but wanted to use a long Knifty Knitter instead of the round yellow Knifty Knitter. The pattern was designed for neither loom. It used a 1/2 inch gauge Decor Accents hat loom with 60 pegs. Similar looms are made by CinDwood. Changing to the KK looms will change the entire fabric of the cowl, and will not create the same pattern. It would involve an entire recalculation of the lace as well. I'm asked very often to change my patterns to work on large gauge Knifty Knitters. I do have several patterns written for these looms, and many more written for the 5/8 inch gauge purple hat loom, but I write very often for the 1/2 inch gauge looms because the smaller gauge lets me manipulate the loom stitches in ways not possible on a KK loom. Far greater yarn options are available for the 1/2 inch gauge as well. So, back to the cowl. If any of you have made it on a KK, I would love to hear about it and share your experience with this loomer.

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  1. Is it question and answer time? I like those! Also, if it is, which particular CinDWood loom(s) do you recommend? I like hearing recommendations from other loomers before I make an investment, so if you are ever looking for a post idea, I may have just given you one. ;)


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