Saturday, January 8, 2011

On and off the loom

Here is my work in progress, in one of what will be several versions before a pattern is settled on. The working title is "Sea Glass Wrap". The fabric is loomed from a DK weight mohair (what a joy this is to work with!) and the contrast is a homespun hand dyed yarn, in a thick/thin weight. The two are so opposite, they really created a challenge to combine.
In the second photo, you can see the fabric a little better. There is a randomness to the appearance of the knit, but it is actually quite structured. I've made the second version in a bulky mohair, which I did not like as well - the open stitches were lost, although the scarf is soft and wonderful to wear. On the loom right now is a fingerling weight, with a narrow lace ribbon.

The weather is chilly enough now in California for an afghan project, so I'm starting to think about what it should look like. We have enjoyed the two afghans I made for us last winter very much. What is on your loom?

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  1. another stunner Renee, looking forward to seeing your other two versions too :)

    On my loom at the moment is a sweater for Imogen's Barbie doll, the matching skirt is on the second loom.

    But I am also spinning more yarns for another large ladies slouchy jumper to be knitted on the large round afghan loom from CinDwood which I am very excited about.

    (( hugs ))

    Helen xx

  2. Renee, I made this scarf a couple of years ago on a trip to England. I used bias cut ribbon and chocolate brown kid moahir yarn. It turned out really spectacular. This will be a very popular pattern!


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