Thursday, December 30, 2010

Ringing out the old year

Time to take stock of my loom knitting year, and see where I have been, make plans for where I am going.
I have come much farther than I ever expected or planned one year ago. I have one month left in my braille classes, and I will graduate. I've learned that even though I can now read, write, and type braille, the world has very little of it for me to read. But I would not give up the ability to read and write, to be literate, for anything.
I am going to continue transcribing needle knit stitch patterns into loom patterns. I know I have said this before, and I have a small start (unpublished). I tend to get sidetracked with an idea and this year, I've gone off track with several new loom stitches. These have been very satisfying to me, although it is hard to tell if anyone else likes them.
Loom-a-longs and classes - I've hosted 3 loom-a-longs and a loom class. The loom class taught me not to assume my pattern will transfer to another loom with a *similar* size. The more complicated the stitch, the more precise the loom specifications.
Patterns - I've learned that some stitchers will take a pattern, change it completely, and blame me when it doesn't turn out the way I said it would. These are the people who will not ask me questions, and then post negatively about the patterns on Ravelry. So, for next year, I need a thicker skin to continue publishing patterns.
BUT - and this is the best part - most stitchers and readers of this blog, have been wonderful, sending me comments and questions, and making this a very enjoyable sharing experience. I get excited when I think of a new pattern idea, work through it, make myself write it out (always the hardest part,) edit, edit, edit, make the girls pose for a photo or two, make the cats pose for a photo, and then...publish and wait to see what happens.
January 2011 will start off with a nice Loom Class featuring one of my favorite patterns, "Miss Maddy's Capelet", inspired by the character of Miss Maddy in the PBS Cranford series. It is a charming little knit, and I think it will be a fun project to do as a group. I hope you will consider joining me in the class. It is so much easier to have a few friends there!
Happy New Year to you and your families. I'm looking forward to looming with you this next year.
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  1. Happy,Happy New Year sweet Renee!
    Please don't let those stitchers get you down...
    You are an inspiration to so many but most especially to me...
    I am so happy to have found loom knitting because it led to meeting you! *Ü*

  2. Renee, you are a dear friend and extremely talented young lady. I know I've said this to you before many many times but thought it worthy of another mention here today.

    Its not the fact that you are so devoted to spreading the love, sharing the craft and generally brightening up so many lives, it is the fact that you do all this from the bottom of your heart never once giving in or bowing down to the pressure from health issues, the people who take complete advantage insulting your beautiful already perfect and stunning designs changing them into something they 'think' they will like better then moaning about it all are really not worth bothering with. You have far far more important things in your life to busy yourself with.

    Just let it wash over your back not rising to it one way or another. What's the worst anyone can do? type at you right? which you can choose not to read until you are ready to or not, the delete button is a very handy yet powerful tool you should make friends with it :)

    Having the ability to read and write in braille will stand you in good stead for the future, for now just keep on as you are sharing your love of a special spectacular craft with those of us who value and appreciate you and your creations.

    I love you and I know lots of other people do value your work. You have brightened up my world and I am so richer with you in my corner.

    Happy New Year to you my friend, may 2011 be as special for you as you wish it to become.


    remember, if you need backup with anyone bothering you, send the messages my way and please give me the honour of answering them instead.

    Your friend, Helen xxx

  3. Happy New year to you Renee. Forget about the "bad" folks and remember there are PLENTY of us out here that very much appreciate your hard work. In fact, I am going paperless with my patterns using a Nook and your new Beret pattern was the first one I downloaded to the Nook. thank you for all you have shared. I will continue to be a BIG fan!!!


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