Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Dandelion Shawlette Pattern!

At last, the pattern for the "Dandelion Shawlette" is ready for you. I hope you all enjoy this pattern. I think it brings lace knitting on the loom a few steps further along, and shows once again, that we can keep up with the needle knitters! I've written a lot of notes explaining the pattern, trying to anticipate questions, but the pattern itself is not difficult. I've loomed it in several yarns with good success, but this is a pattern that needs to be made in a light weight yarn (DK or light worsted) wool or wool blend that can be blocked.

A simple blocking is essential to bring out the lace border on the shawlette, and open up the knit stitches in the center panel.

The pattern is available for $4.50 from Ravelry.  It is in large print pdf. Please contact me if you need a plain text version for your screen reader. I hope you all enjoy this pattern.
Copyright 2010 by Invisible Loom and Craft, Renee Van Hoy. All Rights Reserved. Personal Use Only.


  1. thank you. I can't wait to get started on this one. I am just finishing the Karius.

  2. Thank you, Regina, for all the wonderful notes you have sent me. I am so glad you enjoy the patterns.


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