Saturday, October 2, 2010

On and off the loom

Off the loom at last, the "Daisy Chain Sweater." I'm very excited about this sweater, both because of the new lace stitch (named "Daisy Chain") and the knitting process, which uses a large loom, and then a smaller loom for the sleeves. The sweater is nearly seamless. The stitch has a wonderful give and drape to it that is flattering to the figure as well. I made it out of Cottontots Cotton yarn, but the stitch lets the cotton relax and drape very nicely. I'm working on writing the pattern, then I have a few more of these sweaters to make. I think a cardigan version for myself would be nice too :)

On the loom, I have a deep sapphire "Blue Rose Shawl" for one of the teen girls. Even more enjoyable, I have a capelet that I'm making from a gift of hand spun alpaca. I've never had 100% alpaca, and hand spun to boot. It is such a treat to work with! The yarn is undyed, and a soft oatmeal shade. Such a treat. I hope your looms are just as happy as mine are!
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  1. WOW! Renee this is absolutely gorgeous!
    Another fantastic creation
    Congratulations :)
    ((( hugs )))
    Helen xx


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