Wednesday, October 13, 2010

The Daisy Chain Sweater Pattern

I am delighted to announce that I have finished the pattern for "The Daisy Chain Sweater." This will be my first for sale pattern, after 30 plus free patterns. It is available at Ravelry in a large print pdf download for $5.00 US 

"The Daisy Chain Sweater is a lacy sweater made in one piece, with minimal
seaming. This pattern includes a new loom knitting stitch pattern, “The Daisy Chain”, as well as detailed written directions for making an adult size 8 sweater on a round or flat ½ in gauge loom. Sizing can be easily adjusted by measuring and increasing or decreasing pegs and length. Two looms are needed for this pattern, one that is flat or round with at least 56 pegs, and one round with about 35 pegs.

Copyright 2010 by Invisible Loom and Craft, Renee Van Hoy. All Rights Reserved. Personal Use Only.


  1. It's wonderful! Thanks for doing it! I'm glad you have a for-sale pattern. It can be a little nerve wracking at first to do that, but it's a good step and you are a great designer with patterns worth purchasing!



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