Monday, August 30, 2010

New projects

Here is my newest little project, the "Poppy Neckerchief". I made it with a new yarn from Knit Picks, called Capra. It is a wool and cashmere blend that is very soft and also very nice to loom with. It is a DK weight, usually a little light for a standard loom, but I had no problems with it.

It is a nice little scarf that can be wrapped and worn several ways. I'm writing up the pattern and should have it up at Ravelry and here soon.


  1. This is beautiful Renee, cant wait to see the pattern :)
    love you loads
    ((( hugs )))
    Helen xx

  2. As usual Renee, it is absolutely gorgeous! *Ü*
    I have been thinking of you and meaning to send an e-mail and life has been crazy and hard lately.
    Bob {hubby} is working out of state during the week {AZ} and commuting home on the weekends.
    And my cousin was diagnosed a month ago with stage 4 ovarian cancer and they have given her 6 mos at the most and she has just really gone downhill fast...
    And so many other things but I am TRYING to count my blessings, I really am...


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