Thursday, July 15, 2010

On and Off the Loom

The "Rib-it Washcloths" from the July Loom-a-long group were very cute, and a huge improvement over last summer's cotton cloths. The rib stitch makes a much softer cloth. I tried several cotton yarns, and Lily Sugar 'n cream and Bernat Cottontots were the winners for softness. Lily is much better priced and has a better choice of colors, so that is what I have stocked up on. However, Teen girl has requested an openwork sweater, so I have some cream colored Cottontots for that. The pattern is drawn up in my mind; just have to transfer it to the loom.

The pattern for my Peppermint Tam is up at Ravelry now. This is a great pattern if you are starting to think about holiday loom gifts.  $4.00 US  

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  1. Hi Renee!
    I am back from vacation and have been looking at the Rib-It Washcloths and wondering how hard they are to make because I have tons and tons of cotton...
    Hope that all is well with you and that you are enjoying your summer!


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