Friday, May 14, 2010

San Francisco Ravelry Meet-Up

The San Francisco Ravelry meet-up is this weekend. These photographs are of my shawl for the "Sport Your Shawl" part of the meet-up. We were asked to make a shawl from local yarn and a local designer. Well, this is my design, called "Miss Maddy's Shawl." The yarn is from Artfibers in Pinole California. It is called "Cheesecake" and is 70 % extra fine merino wool, 30% silk. It has a bulky weight, but a wonderfully soft drape. The edging is from a hand-dyed ribbon yarn. The photos were before I added a small crochet edging at the collar.
I made the shawl on a 1/2 inch gauge 55 peg round loom.


  1. I absolutely love it Renee, you are so very talented! Can you send me a picture of you wearing this beautiful shawl at the event ?
    (( hugs ))
    Helen x

  2. Gorgeous Renee absolutely gorgeous! *Ü*

  3. Thank you! I am very happy with how the lace rows in this turned out. I will take a photo, hopefully with a few other shawls :)


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