Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Looming Up Hill

While needle knitters call it "visiting the frog pond" or "frogging", because you "rip-it", I think of the less successful loom adventures as looming up hill. For me it feels like there is always a period of "up hill" before I find the rhythm of a project, and slide down the hill to completion.
My up-hills take on many forms. Recently, it has been finding the right loom for the yarn. I had the yarn, "Comfy Bulky" cotton for a baby blanket. But, cotton can be tricky, and I had to try two looms before I found the downhill. I had my hopes pinned on the new Universal S Loom. The cotton did not have the "spring" needed for this loom, and the stitch was loose and sloppy. I can see the potential of the loom - with the right yarn - but this was not it. I tried the CinDwood small round afghan loom next. Right loom, but wrong stitch pattern. Finally, an "ah-ha" moment, and a lovely ribbed pattern made this all come together. Three inches down, I could see the pattern, I could feel the rhythm of the yarn and the loom, and we all work together to slide down the hill, smiling all the way.

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  1. completely agree with this Renee, there is always an uphill bit to climb first before getting into the good rhythm place then rolling down the hill to the finished item :)


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