Sunday, February 21, 2010

Finish Line! Mr. Woodhouse' Afghan

My Medal

I have crossed the Finish Line for the Giant Slamon-ghan Event in the 2010 Ravelympics, on behalf of Team Austenacious. Minor injuries to my fingers, sore wrists, and a very, very suspicious disappearance of 1 skein of yarn 3/4 of the way through (resulting in an emergency room trip to the yarn store) but "Mr. Woodhouse Afghan" is done! All of the family, human and feline, are very happy with this afghan, and will snuggle under it to watch the rest of the Winter Olympic Games.

Mr. Woodhouse Afghan $2.49

This warm and cozy afghan is named in honor of Mr. Woodhouse from the novel “Emma,” who was always very chilly.

Large gauge knitting loom with at least 60 pegs; sample was made on the Markman Farms regular (large) gauge adjustable loom
8 skeins extra bulky wool or wool blend yarn, about 870 yards; Sample was made with 2 skeins each of Lion Brand Wool-Ease in Cranberry, Charcoal, Fisherman and Taupe

Loom hook
Crochet hook
Stitch markers or scrap yarn, optional to mark border
Final Measurements:40 inches wide by 60 inches long
Gauge: 3 x 3 stitches per inch
Copyright 2010 by Renee Van Hoy, Invisible Loom and Craft, all rights reserved. Personal use only.


  1. It's wonderful!
    I love the color combination and stitches that you used...
    Which loom did you use if you don't mind my asking!
    You are a source of inspiration Rene!
    Wishing you a day filled with sweet & simple joys~which definitely includes looming! *Ü*

  2. Thank you for the kind words, Kelley. I've edited the pattern to add my loom information. I used the Markman Farms adjustable loom in Regular (large) gauge. Any loom with large pegs that is sturdy and able to hold the weight and bulk of the chunky yarn will work.
    Take care, Renee

  3. I love this afghan! Thanks for sharing.

    Off the Loom

  4. I'd love to make this afghan some day. I have Lynn Markman's regular gauge adjustable that has 60 pegs. I was wondering if that loom would work. Also, on the actual pattern I was a little confused about row 3. After you knit those first 3 stitches to make that garter border, does peg 1 become the first peg after the 3 knit stitches where you start the feather pattern? Peg 1 isn't the first peg you knitted in that row, is it? I hope this question makes sense.

  5. Hi Linda from Off the Loom,
    Great questions! Your 60 peg loom should be perfect. I used the same loom, although mine is larger and I did not use all of it. You will work as a flat panel. The Markman regular gauge is a large gauge loom.
    When I wrote the stitch pattern, I kept it the same and added the 3 border stitches at the beginning and end of the row. I put a stitch marker on the 4th peg, marking is as "peg 1" and also marked the first peg in the next two groups of 18, for the feather and fan pattern, then added the last 3 border stitches.
    If you do not like a little wave on your bottom and top edges, you can add some garter rows to the start and end, but I left it, because it is traditional in the feather and fan.

  6. I have change the pattern portion of the afghan to make the peg numbers and the stitch patterns match up for the pattern.

  7. brilliant Renee absolutely stunning :)


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