Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Simple Loomed and Felted Purse

A simple pattern for these pretty purses, made from 3 skeins of striped yarn. The bright colors are fun to work with, although my color perception is not the colors my family tells me they are. I have made 3 with this pattern, and each yarn creates a different size and shape, so I am not giving a final size. The fun is in the felting, and enjoying the process.

Simple Loomed and Felted Purse

A round or flat loom with 36 or more pegs. The sample is made on the 48 peg Knifty Knitter round purple hat loom
Loom hook
Crochet hook
3 skeins of wool yarn in WW (4) or bulky (5) , about 100 yards each***
Lining fabric for the inside of the bag
Ribbon for reinforcing the bag handle

***make sure the wool will felt

Pattern notes: this is my version of a simple felted handbag. It is a good pattern for using a bright, self striping or hand dyed yarn. The bag is made all in one piece, including the handle, then the sides are stitched together. If desired, a crochet edge can be added as well. The bag is felted in a washing machine 3 times, to remove the stitch definition and make it sturdy. Finally, a fabric liner is added, and ribbons glued or stitched to the underside of the handle to reinforce it.

E-wrap knit
Single crochet - optional

Handle Options:
You can choose to have your handle centered or at an angle, messenger bag style.
Simple Loomed and Felted Purse Pattern

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