Thursday, December 3, 2009

Dolly's Skating Cape

The American Girl Dolls are a favorite of Tween Girl, and Teen Girl when she thinks we are not looking. This is a little cape modeled by Lindsey, for her Winter skating outfit.
Dolly's Skating Cape

For an 18” doll, such as an American Girl Doll
Inspiration: The lovely doll clothes my grandmothers, Nettie and Doris, made for me. They sewed from scraps, or crocheted with leftovers for my dolls, and taught me to make the clothes as well. I sat below the sewing machine, sorting and tidying their baskets, while they worked on the family mending. When they finished, they made a little something for my dolls from the cuttings.

1/2 inch gauge loom with at least 30 pegs, Markman half gauge adjustable loom used in example, or a KK long loom with loom clips.

Bulky weight yarn (number 5) less than 1 skein [Wool of the Andes Bare used in example]
Small amount of trim yarn or ribbon [Lily Chin Tribeca in Red used in example]
Loom hook
Crochet hook

Pattern Notes:
The purl side is the “right” side for this cape, which is reversed to show the purl pattern, taking advantage of the bulky yarn. The capes bulky pattern is inspired by my teen girls, who love the patterns in the “Twinkle” knit pattern series. They are very bulky knits, and often made with the “wrong” side showing. They thought their dolls should be fashionably dressed in the same style knit wear they want.

Any decorative edging you prefer is fine, and will finish the cape off beautifully for your dolly and her doll!
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