Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Bow on a Cloche

A sweet and simple hat.

Hat loom with 48 pegs
Small 12 peg loom, thumb loom, or 8 peg spool loom
1 skein bulky weight cotton yarn
Small amount of Contrast cotton yarn for brim (Cast on plus 6 rows)
1 skein wool/wool blend bulky yarn
(sample used Lion Nature’s Organic Cotton in Pecan and Strawberry, and Crystal Palace Cameo in White)
Crochet Hook
Loom Hook
Embroidery needle

Pattern notes:
The hat is e-wrap knit with two strands held as one strand. It is worked from the brim to the top in a simple e-wrap knit that allows the brim to curl. The brim is worked in the contrast cotton color, then the main color is used for the top of the hat and the bow. The wool is used for the hat, but not the bow.
Bow on a Cloche Pattern

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  1. i dont get the closing of the cloche. i am trying to figure out how to do the move to 4th peg then back??

    1. This a decrease, done before the closing. You are moving the loop from one peg onto the next peg, and knitting the two loops together, which decreases the number of loops on the loom. This leaves you with empty pegs, and fewer pegs for the closing, so there is less bulk on the top of your hat.


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