Saturday, October 10, 2009

Time to Catch Up

Hello! I've been absent for much too long, but hope to catch up. My big news is that I won a prize in the Markman Loom Knitting Contest for Emma's Capelet, and am looking forward to a new loom very soon :)

My other big news is that four of my patterns have been published in loom knitter circle magazine: The Go Team Hat for him or her; Ruffled Scarf; Origami Purse; and Baby Cozy. The photos are at the top of this post. You can get all the patterns free at the site (see my links) or you can get the magazine as a pdf download (which has the "read out loud" option for visually impaired, as will as built in magnification) and they are adding 2 more patterns as a bonus later in the year. The patterns in the magazine are really cute - the clown on the cover is darling, and there are some beautiful designs all around. I'm pretty excited.

Hope to be back soom - I have tons of patterns written, and lots to share.

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