Sunday, October 18, 2009

Sunday afternoon with the cats

Since my illness, my cats have been my constant companions. They clearly know I am blind, and one of them stays with me if I am not feeling well, which is quite often these days. They even trade off duty - one will go to sit in the back yard, and one will be with me until the other comes back. I have loom knit a kitty in the likeness of each, an orange tabby and a black tabby, to add to our fall decorations.

I took out all of my Halloween books, even though I cannot read them this year. It still seemed important to have them out, along with the decorations.

I have two projects on my looms right now. A lovely lilac scarf for Teen Girl, with a bit of plum mohair at the ends. It is chunky, but soft, done in a double moss stitch. She picked the style from one of the Twinkle knit books, which have very stylish girls wearing chunky knits and looking cool. As her un-cool mom, I was happy she asked me for something :) I am making it with a yarn called Rowan Soft Tweed in thistle, and it is such a pleasure to work with. I love Smileys Yarn!

The second project is the Brighton Cowl, in two strands of nature's cotton from Lion. It is a little hard on the hands, so I work it a bit, then switch to something else, like a little kitty or pumpkin. But this one will be for me, with strawberry pink and pecan colors, so I am looking forward to it.

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