Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Projects on the Looms

Two projects on the looms this Wednesday; a pretty shawl on the large afghan loom, made with Universal Wool in long stripes. The stripes are a soft green, blue, cream, yellow. The collar is a pretty mohair from Lily Chin in the same green.

The second project is a shrug on the small afghan loom. Made from Cascade 220 Wool in blue tweed, it has an interesting ribbed pattern: k4/p4/k4/p4 etc for 3 rows, the 4th row is then knit. The pattern repeats, making a nice, soft rib design. The final rectangle is stitched at the sides to create a jacket.

I have uploaded lots of project photos at Ravelry. I'm momcook if you want to visit.

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